Remember these dates 2018

  St. Francis Restaurant   

Every First Sunday Morning of every month

 for Jazz Brunch with Arizona Jazz

Legend Dennis Rowland

    111 East Camelback Road

    Jazz Trio with Dave Baradic- Piano Felix Sainz- Bass    

Sunday February 4th

​Sunday Sunday March 4th

Sunday April 1st

     SHOWTIME: 10:30 A.M. To 1:30 P.M.

Eddie V's January thru March 

Saturday January 27th

Saturday February 10th & 24th

Saturday March 10th & 24th

    Scottsdale Quarter Greenway / Hayden Rd.

    Jazz Quartet with Greg Warner- Drums Dave Baradic- Piano

   Felix Sainz Bass 

​Saturday: SHOWTIME: 7-11 P.M.​


Special Events Starting in 2018

​                       Heritage Square Wine Festival

                 w/ Donnie Dean Saturday February 27th

                                   4:00 - 6:30 PM

Private Wedding Limelight Entertainment March 18th

Rumor has it Diana Lee and Donnie Dean

Reunion for Sunday Night Gig Starting

Sunday Nights in November.


​Diana Lee and Dennis Rowland in the

 Clamsville Recording Studio with John Herrera 

 working on a new project. Details soon!





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